Prism Lighting is a New Zealand owned and operated company headquartered in Hamilton City.  The concept has been a long time in the making and after a lot of research, development, travel and many hours of work devoted to establishing the products and the brand - Prism Lighting was born!  With a combination of 13 years of experience working in the lighting industry in NZ, the management team at Prism lighting have a thorough knowledge of the technology and the market.  We bring a very professional approach to what we do and this is reflected in the services and solutions that we provide for our customers.

The idea behind Prism is to bring a new generation of smart LED lighting products to NZ consumers and households.  By combining a high level of quality with a huge range of functionality, we deliver top-shelf products at affordable prices - allowing everybody the opportunity to turn their home into a smart home.


Some of the features that Prism Smart lighting has to offer:


  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Control with no hub required

  • Inbuilt dimming

  • Inbuilt colour variation

  • Full RGB control, 16 million colours

  • Scene modes

  • Voice control, Amazon Alexa and Google Home

  • Timer control function

  • Remote control from anywhere

  • Group control function

  • Access from multiple devices

  • Customisable automation settings

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