How do I know what LED lighting is right for my home? 

It can be tricky to decide on what is the best option for you when upgrading to LED.  The main things to take into account are the lumen output (brightness) and the colour temperature.  If you are really unsure, we highly recommend registering for a free assessment to get professional advice and to understand what your options are.

Are these like Phillips Hue smart lights?

While it is a similar concept, we are a different company with a different product on offer.  Our products do not require a hub/gateway and also have an increased range of features compared to a lot of other smart lights on the market.

Will they interfere with my home internet?

Because Prism lighting use only a very small amount of bandwidth, they will not have any negative impact on your home internet speeds.

Can I control multiple lights in the same room?

Yes, Prism lighting can be controlled either per individual light, or in any size group that you choose.

Can the same light be in more than one group?

Yes, the same light can be in multiple groups.

How do I place an order?

Prism Smart Lighting can be purchased directly through our website and we can ship to anywhere in NZ.


Payment and Shipping?

Payment can be made by credit or debit card through the secure checkout on the shop section of our website.  We are able to ship product to any address in NZ, associated costs can be found on the checkout page.

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