Home Management


Step 1:  From the main screen of the App, click the 'Me' icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen.  Select the 'Home Management' tab and then 'Create a home'.


Step 2:  Enter the home name and location.


Step 3:  Select 'Add Room' and enter the rooms to match your home layout.


Step 4:  Once you have created your home, you can add home members through the 'Home Settings menu.


Step 4:  From the 'Home Settings' menu, select 'Add Member', then select 'App Account'.  Add the name of the person and then enter either the email address or phone number that the other home member has used to setup their Smart Life account.  Click 'Save', the other home member will then receive a notification on their phone to join the home which they can accept.


Step 4:  The new home member will then have the same settings synced to their account on their device that have been setup by the master device.







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